The focus of Chamber of Commerce Czech – Jordan, r.a. is as follows:

  • representation, support, coordination and defense of the economic and professional interests of its members and partners;
  • provision of information on business entities in both countries as well as information for administrations, businesses and local associations;
  • organization and holding of exhibitions, trade fairs, contracting and other events, symposia and professional discussions;
  • provision of information services and advice on legal and other business conditions in both countries;
  • provision of other activities aimed at fulfi lling its purpose;
  • establishment of companies;
  • legal advice;
  • tax advice and bookkeeping;
  • sale and purchase of companies;
  • investment advice;
  • elaboration and preparation of investment plans;
  • IT services;
  • real estate consultancy, sale and purchase of real estates (apartment buildings, villas, land plots, agricultural farms, agricultural land, industrial enterprises);
  • consultancy in the fi eld of tourism and therapeutic spa stays.

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